Non-Aligned Movement Condemns Israeli Attack on Iranian Embassy in Damascus

Non-Aligned Movement Condemns Israeli Attack on Iranian Embassy in Damascus

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Representatives from 121 member nations of the Non-Aligned Movement have united in denouncing Israel's assault on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria's capital.

This condemnation follows Israeli fighter jets targeting the embassy on April 1, 2024, resulting in the loss of generals Mohammadreza Zahedi and Mohammadhadi Haj Rahimi, along with five others.

The representatives of the 121 member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, gathered in New York, issued a statement on Tuesday, expressing condemnation towards the Israeli regime's aggressive actions against diplomatic entities and personnel of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus.

They extended solidarity and sympathy to both the Iranian government and its people in the wake of the attack.

In their statement, the Non-Aligned Movement underscored the unjustifiability of such assaults on diplomatic premises and representatives, citing them as blatant violations of international law and the principles outlined in the United Nations Charter.

The movement further emphasized that the Israeli aggression disregards fundamental principles safeguarding the immunity of diplomatic premises and representatives, as enshrined in various international conventions, including the Convention on Diplomatic Rights (1961), the Convention on Consular Rights (1963), and the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Persons Under International Protection, including Diplomatic Representatives (1973).


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