European Support Swells for Palestinian Statehood

European Support Swells for Palestinian Statehood

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – European backing for Palestinian statehood has gained momentum as Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris and Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez expressed readiness to recognize Palestine, aligning with a broader trend among EU states.

The commitment was reiterated during a joint press conference in Dublin's Government Buildings, where both leaders affirmed their determination to proceed "as soon as possible, when the conditions are appropriate," stated Harris.

The decision stems from an agreement among EU states reached last month, according to Harris, who emphasized the impending realization of this goal. "That point is coming much closer and we would like to move together," he stated, underscoring the long-standing aspiration of the Palestinian people for self-determination and sovereignty.

Sanchez echoed Harris's sentiments, emphasizing the need for a collective approach. He acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the timeline for recognition, describing the current situation as uncharted territory. The announcement coincided with Norway's declaration of readiness to recognize Palestine, further indicating a growing momentum in European support for Palestinian statehood.

Sanchez's European tour aims to garner backing for the recognition of Palestine, with a government spokesperson affirming the purpose of the visit. The remarks come as Harris assumes office, succeeding former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, and demonstrates Ireland's consistent stance on Palestinian statehood.

Harris stressed the importance of solidarity in the decision-making process, aiming to send a resolute message of support for Palestinian aspirations.

Sanchez reinforced the notion that recognition would occur under appropriate conditions, pledging support for Palestine's full membership in the United Nations. The statements align with previous declarations from like-minded countries such as Norway, indicating a concerted effort toward a unified stance on the issue.

"The people of Palestine have long sought the dignity of their own country and sovereignty -- a home that like Ireland and Spain can take its place amongst the nations of the earth,” Harris said.

He became Ireland's prime minister this week after Varadkar unexpectedly quit last month.

Ireland has frequently stated its intention to recognize a Palestinian state and its new leader appears eager to make good on the pledge. 

Sanchez added that enthusiastic countries would announce their decision "when the conditions are appropriate" and that they would support the new Palestinian state becoming "a full member of the United Nations.”

Earlier, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said the decision would be closely coordinated with "like-minded countries.”

"Norway stands ready to recognize the state of Palestine," Store told a joint press conference with Sanchez.

"We have not set a firm timetable," he added.

Norway's parliament passed a resolution in November to be prepared to recognize an independent Palestinian state.

On the sidelines of an EU leaders summit on March 22, Spain, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia issued a statement saying they were "ready to recognize Palestine" when "the circumstances are right.”

Iceland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania are among the countries to have already given legal recognition to a Palestinian state.

The discussions unfold against the backdrop of ongoing genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, with widespread protests across Europe in solidarity with Palestinians amid the Israeli war on Gaza, since October 7.

Israel launched the war on Gaza on October 7 after the Palestinian resistance movement waged a surprise operation against the occupying entity in response to the Israeli intensified violence against Palestinians.

Tel Aviv has also blocked water, food, and electricity to Gaza, plunging the coastal strip into a humanitarian crisis.

Since the start of the offensive, the Tel Aviv regime has killed 33,634 Palestinians and injured nearly 76,214 others.

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