Mission Accomplished, Anti-Israeli Operation Concluded: Iran’s Top General

Mission Accomplished, Anti-Israeli Operation Concluded: Iran’s Top General

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s top commander said the retaliatory military strike on the Israeli targets in the wee hours of Sunday has ended as all purposes of the operation have been fulfilled, but warned Tel Aviv that any new offense against Iran would trigger Tehran’s next “more immense” operation.

In remarks on Sunday morning, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said the punitive mission “Operation True Promise” in retaliation for the Israeli airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus has ended.

“A considerable number of drones and cruise and ballistic missiles have been used in this operation with well-thought-out tactics and proper planning, as neither the Iron Dome nor the Zionist regime’s missile defense shield could take any significant action against this operation. The operation’s purposes have been fulfilled,” the top commander said.

He stated that the mission has been accomplished and has obtained the desirable results.

Although Iran has no intention of continuing the operation, the Zionist regime must bear in mind that any action against Iran, either on the Iranian soil or against the centers belonging to Iran in Syria or any other country, will trigger Iran’s next more immense operation, he warned.

The commander noted that Iran had the capability to launch a missile and drone strike “tens of times” greater than the Sunday morning operation against Israel, but refrained from a massive attack and confined it to a punitive operation.

“Their (Israeli) population and economic centers were not hit, so that the criminal and aggressive Zionist army would realize that their action won’t remain unanswered. We are definitely prepared to defend our soil and interests,” Major General Baqeri said.

He noted that the US has been warned, through the Swizz embassy in Tehran, that if Washington cooperates with the Zionist regime’s aggression or intends to step in with the facilities it has in the region, American bases and forces in the region will not be safe.

The commander stated that Iran’s military operation targeted the major Israeli intelligence centers in the Jabal al-Sheikh heights at the border between Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories that provided the intelligence for the Israeli airstrike on Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus on April 1 and also targeted the Zionist regime’s Nevatim airbase from which the F-35 fighter jets had taken off to hit the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria.

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