Google Fires 28 Employees Protesting Cloud Deal with 'Genocidal Israel'

Google Fires 28 Employees Protesting Cloud Deal with 'Genocidal Israel'

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Google has terminated over 28 employees who demonstrated against the firm's cloud computing agreement with the "genocidal Israeli government and military".

The dismissals followed an inquiry revealing that protests had been staged within Google's New York and Sunnyvale, California offices, calling for the cancellation of the company’s $1.2bn contract with Israel.

In Sunnyvale, demonstrators reportedly entered the office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, as disclosed by a post on X by the organizing group, No Tech For Apartheid.

Banners held by protesters bore slogans such as "No More Genocide For Profit" and "We Stand with Palestinian, Arab and Muslim Googlers."

A Google spokesperson informed CNN on Thursday that the protests were part of an ongoing campaign led by external groups and individuals largely unaffiliated with the company.

According to the spokesperson, a few employee protesters obstructed operations at several locations, prompting intervention to ensure office safety.

"We have concluded individual investigations resulting in the termination of employment for 28 employees, and will continue to investigate and take action as needed," the spokesperson stated.

The group No Tech For Apartheid, which vehemently condemned the dismissals, highlighted Google and Amazon's $1.2 billion cloud computing contract with the Israeli regime and military, known as Project Nimbus.

“This flagrant act of retaliation is a clear indication that Google values its $1.2 billion contract with the genocidal Israeli government and military more than its own workers,” the group said in a statement published on Medium Thursday.

Furthermore, employees at the US-based tech giant and pro-Palestinian protesters have jointly organized demonstrations in California and New York. These protests aimed at urging the cancellation of Google's $1.2 billion contract with Israel's government under Project Nimbus.

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