Avoid Football Health Fumbles

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A steady diet of tangy or high-fat foods washed down with soda pops can take a toll on football fans as they eat their way through the big game.

Avoid Football Health Fumbles

Although you can’t do anything about how your team handles its opponent, you can take steps on game day to avoid becoming sidelined with acid reflux and the heartburn sometimes associated with it.

Actually, you may benefit from some typical health-smart eating styles.

Eating smaller, more frequent meals may help prevent acid reflux, according to Dr. Joel Rubenstein, research scientist, Veterans Affairs Center for Clinical Management Research, Ann Arbor, Mich.

“With a smaller meal you may have less distension of the stomach, so it may not trigger as much reflux,” says Dr. Rubenstein, assistant professor, division of gastroenterology.

But don’t stuff yourself during the fourth quarter, especially if the game is running late, says Jim White, registered dietitian nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson, Virginia Beach, Va.

“If you’re going to eat, eat earlier,” White says.

That’s because you don’t want to tax your digestive system before bedtime.

Make food choices based on your tolerance levels. For example, hot and spicy foods that bother others may have no effect on you.

“I tell patients to do trial and error. If a food causes problems, avoid it,” Dr. Rubenstein says, Philly.com reported.

However, experts agree that ingredients high in acid or fat may cause problems. “Acidic fruits need to be watched. Oranges and tomatoes can be triggers for acid reflux,” White says.

You feel better eating bananas, apples or pears with lower acidity.

“Avoid high-fat foods,” Dr. Rubenstein says.

Bacon isn’t a basic food group. Include more vegetables, chicken, seafood and beans in your Super Bowl menu.

Dairy products that have probiotics and “gastro-friendly bacteria” can have advantages for gastrointestinal health, according to the dietitian. He recommends low-fat dairy foods.

Even though drinking with foods can result in acid reflux, you can reduce the impact and still have a drink.

“A lot of it is moderation. Some drinks can cause problems with indigestion.

By making simple switches in beverage and food choices you can snack your way through the game without an acid reflux penalty.

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