Al Khalifa Regime Doomed to Collapse: Bahraini Activist

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The people of Bahrain have a firm belief that the revolution is moving in the right direction and that Al Khalifa regime is doomed to fall, a senior Bahraini political activist said.

Al Khalifa Regime Doomed to Collapse: Bahraini Activist

Political activist and member of Bahrain Freedom Movement Saeed al-Shehabi made the remark in an interview with Tasnim on the anniversary of the uprising of Bahraini people.

He added that the puppet regime has lost its credibility with the people of the country long ago and has remained in power only with the support it receives from certain Western and Arab countries.

“Had it not been for the Western and Arab support for the Manama regime, the stooge regime would have been overthrown long ago,” he stated.

Al-Shehabi underlined that the revolution of Bahrainis will continue vigorously until the Al Khalifa is gone.

An uprising broke out in Bahrain in mid-February 2011. The protesters initially called for political reforms and a constitutional monarchy, but the regime’s heavy-handed crackdown on them soon prompted an outright call for the ouster of Al Khalifa regime.

And now on the third anniversary of the Bahrain uprising, police have used tear gas in a number of villages outside the capital Manama across the small island nation as the security forces moved in to disperse gatherings.

In some districts protesters have been setting barricades of burning tires to prevent police from moving in. Protesters were chanting "Down with Hamad", referring to the king and "Only to Allah we kneel."

At least 29 people have been arrested during the clashes.

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