Palestinian Envoy: Israel Unable to Fight Long War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A Palestinian Islamic Jihad representative in Tehran said the Israeli military lacks the ability to become entangled in a long war against the resistance groups, since Tel Aviv’s strength has been sapped by serious financial problems.

Palestinian Envoy: Israel Unable to Fight Long War

“Israel is not able to wage and carry on a long war. The Israeli society is weak and cannot withstand a long war. Moreover, the financial losses inflicted on Israel’s economy have been heavy and serious,” representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran, Nasser Abu Sharif, said in a political gathering in Tehran.

The world’s public opinion has been shocked by the Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip, Abu Sharif added, noting that international reaction to Israel’s slaughter of civilians in the besieged enclave would prevent the regime from carrying out an extended war.

The Israeli assault on Gaza, which started on July 8, has so far claimed the lives of more than 1,960 Palestinians, mostly civilians, according to the health ministry in Gaza. More than 10,000 others have been reported injured.

A few days after the onset of brutal attacks on the coastal enclave, a senior Hams figure underlined that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas is braced for long months of fighting against the Israeli regime.

“We are prepared for months of war with Israel," he said, adding that the ongoing war will only end under the conditions laid down by Hamas.

Meanwhile, Hamas on Saturday set three conditions to reach a long-term ceasefire agreement, which include removal of the blockade, reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and suspending the Israeli aggression.

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