First Pro-Independence Armed Movement Emerges in Saudi Najran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The first political and armed movement against Riyadh has formally announced its existence in the strategic city of Najran near the Saudi border with Yemen, media reports said.

First Pro-Independence Armed Movement Emerges in Saudi Najran

A group of political activists from various tribes in Najran in southern Saudi Arabia have established a political and military movement, named 'Freemen of Najran', against the Saudi ruling family.

Abu Bakr Abu Ahmed al-Salami, a Saudi political activist, said the movement include all tribes in the Najran district, Alkhabarpress website reported.

“Youth and political activists in Najran call on revolutionary committees and their brothers and cousins in neighboring Yemen to provide military training for some of the young people of the movement,” he said.

Najran Province joined the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1934. The people of the province face increasing threats to their identity as a result of official discrimination. With the arrival of Mishaal bin Saud as the governor of Najran in 1996, tension between local authorities and the population increased.

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