Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex in Iran's Hamedan

Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex in Iran's Hamedan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Ganjnameh is located 5 kilometers from southwestern Hamedan (the ancient Ecbatana), west of Iran, which served as the capital of Medes and Achaemenids, in a region called Abbas Abad.

There are two plate inscriptions, one on the right side embracing the name of Xerxes (485-65 BC) and the one on the left embracing the name of Darius the Great (522 - 484 B.C.).

They have described their conquests in an inscription carved in the stone asking for help from Ahuramazda (Zoroastrian God). Each of these inscriptions have been segregated into three columns with twenty lines, and in three languages of ancient 'Parsi', 'Babeli' and 'Ilami'. The Parsi text is to the left of these two long and huge inscriptions, the Babeli text is in the center followed by the Ilami text to the right of the engravings. The engraved tablet to the left belongs to Darius the Great, under which is the engraving related to the period of Xerxes the Great.

The translation of the text on the right plate, attributed to Xerxes, is:

"The Great God Ahuramazda, greatest of all the gods, who created the earth and the sky and the people; who made Xerxes king, and outstanding king as outstanding ruler among innumerable rulers; I the great king Xerxes, king of kings, king of lands with numerous inhabitants, king of this vast kingdom with far-away territories, son of the Achaemenid monarch Darius."

Ganj Nameh waterfall is the most famous waterfall of Hamadan province located near the city of Hamadan. The river falls from a height of 12 meters and flows through the beautiful valley of Abbas Abad and Ganj Nameh after that passes by the ancient stone inscriptions.

In this area there is also a large entertainment complex and Tourists can use the leisure facilities Telecabin, bungee Jumping and indoor park.

Source: Oruj Travel

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