Soltaniyeh Dome, World's 3rd Tallest Dome

Soltaniyeh Dome, World's 3rd Tallest Dome

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The Soltaniyeh historical dome, the largest brick dome in the world, was built by order of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh (Oljeitu) in Soltaniyeh city, the capital of the Ilkhanate dynasty from 1302 to 1312.

This mausoleum is an artistic masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architect, which was built in Azari architectural method and was the first building to present the clear evolution of Seljuk architecture to Ilkhanid architecture.

Bricks are the main materials has been used in this building.

The plan of the ground floor, the first floor and the surrounding spaces connected to the dome is almost rectangle; the plan of other parts of the building in the second and third floor is octagonal; and the plan of the dome is hemispherical located on the octagonal. Eight minarets have been designed on the legs of octagonal sides in 3rd floor.

The building has eight doors, eight porches and eight minarets and includes dome, Torbat Khaneh (holy dust reservoir) and Sardab (ice cellar). Recognition of the exact time of religious performances is to be the only explanation of sundial creation in the building. The Soltaniyeh brick dome is the 3rd tallest dome in the world following Florence Santa Maria Cathedral and Istanbul Hagia Sophia.

The world architecture history has seen the first double shell designs in this structure decorated with rich patterns. The exterior shell of the dome has been covered with turquoise blue and ultramarine in the burl designs.

Types of tiling, painting on stucco, lattice brickwork, wooden and stony decoration, stucco and brick stalactite and the inscription with verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths have been employed in building decoration.

Source: Visito Iran

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