Snowy Azna: A Tunnel in The Mountain Wilderness

Snowy Azna: A Tunnel in The Mountain Wilderness

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Azna is a snowy tunnel measuring 800 meters in length. It is an amazing scenery of Iran and a natural landscape of Azna town in Lorestan Province, western Iran.

The town of Azna is at a distance of 82kms from the center of the Province, at the foothills of Oshtorankouh range of mountains. Osthorankouh Azna is the birthplace of natural wonders and the most beautiful wildlife. It is a rare collection of creation.

High peaks scratch the surface of the murky sky to let the rays of sun shine through the Rocky Mountains on the age old snow and take a thousand colors like a fanciful flight.

The deep valleys encircle the town like a child in its mother’s lap and call out to nature lovers to come to their loving side.

“Azna Darreh” is one of Oshtorankouh’s most picturesque valleys. Together with its vegetation, birds, wildlife, springs, and snow-filled rivers, it is encircled with high, daunting Rocky Mountains.

One of the valleys leading to Oshtorankouh peak is covered in snow all year, every year, from the year before, and new snow in the winter. In the spring and summer, the snow softens and water begins to flow underneath the top snow in the valley.

Azna snow tunnel has taken shape by thousands of tons of snowfall throughout the years. The gradual melting of snow is music to the ears of its visitors. This is a tunnel created by nature. It is most visited in the spring and summer by sightseers traveling to this picture perfect nature.

Source: Persia Digest

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