Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumored to Bring Major Design Changes

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Reports suggest significant” design overhaul for the upcoming Galaxy S10, as Samsung’s mobile division CEO, DJ Koh, talked briefly about the product.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumored to Bring Major Design Changes

Before we go further we’d like to ask you to take this with a serious dose of skepticism. Why? Because, for starters, it is really too early for Galaxy S10 rumors, even if they claim DJ Koh as the source. Second, it is not clear where all of this happened, and we can’t be certain of the veracity of the information.

AndroidHeadlines reports that DJ Koh has talked to the Chinese media earlier this week. Where and how that happened is unknown, as the only source is a Weibo thread. If you haven’t already lost your appetite for this bit, let’s continue. The report claims that the executive hinted a “significant” design overhaul for the upcoming Galaxy S10. There’s also a hint towards “amazing” colors. That’s all there is to mention, PocketNow reported.

It is known that Samsung has been using a yearly cycle for the Galaxy S flagship. However, only every second generation S-smartphone brings a design change, and Samsung introduced that with the Galaxy S8, and reused it with the Galaxy S9. Regardless of what the rumors above indicate, next year is the year for a design change.

Whether it will be dramatic, or more cosmetic, is unknown. As we heard this summer, there might be no Galaxy S11moving forward. The report didn’t indicate that Samsung was killing the line-up, but rather changing the naming scheme. Apparently, it will be easier and more desirable to adopt the scheme used by Huawei, when the company released the P20 instead of the P11 to follow the P10. Similarly, the Galaxy S11 might not happen, but we could see a Galaxy S20 in 2020, which would make sense.

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