Commander: IRGC Navy Ready for Presence in High Seas

Commander: IRGC Navy Ready for Presence in High Seas

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A ranking Iranian commander expressed the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy’s readiness to dispatch vessels to international waters.

Speaking to reporters in Iran’s northern city of Rasht on Tuesday, Commander of the IRGC Navy’s Imam Khamenei University General Hossein Ali Zamani said, “If necessary, the IRGC Navy is prepared for effective presence and role-playing in high seas.”

He also highlighted the IRGC Navy’s success in protecting shipping routes and carrying out missions in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

The commander further said the IRGC Navy’s equipment is constantly updated based upon speed boats technology theory.

“The IRGC Navy is currently in possession of the highest level of speed boats technology in the world,” the general added.

Speed boats are seen by many military experts as the IRGC’s trump card in case of any direct confrontation with the US warships.

The IRGC Navy says the security of the Persian Gulf will be ensured without the presence of foreign forces, particularly the Americans.

In 2015, the former IRGC Navy commander said his forces have tested military speed boats with the breakneck velocity of 110 knots (203 km/h).

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