Time Museum Has An Old Beautiful Building in Tehran, Iran

Time Museum Has An Old Beautiful Building in Tehran, Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - To begin with the senses, the sound of twittering birds, wind in the trees and the mesmerizing atmosphere of the neighborhood that stands hand to hand with the art of plaster, tiling, architecture and Chinese knot will make you forget the time.

The 80 years old mansion is located inside a 5 hectares garden in the Iranian capital of Tehran, which dates back to Muhammad Shah and Naser Aldin Shah (Qajar) Era.

In the lush outdoor section of the museum, primary watches replicas such as sundials, water, sand and fuel based types have been presented, which visitors can closely interact with them and get familiar with their shapes and functions.

The mansion consists of two floors. On the first floor the evolution of mechanical watches from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century is on display. Each one of hawk, pendulum, desktop, and wall standing watches, depicts the craft of watchmaking compilation. It seems like various arts such as sculpture, enamel, and mosaic have been represented at the wheels of time.

On the second floor of the museum, conventional pocket watches, watches owned by prominent political and historical characters, and also specific clocks relevant to time stamping cards, shift guards, ships and army in different types can be visited.

At the calendars spectacle, you can see the evolution of time measurement tools, prototype of the oldest dated Persian document, mechanical watches from ancient and Pre-Islamic era to more contemporary ones. Notable types of fossils from different geological eras and famous clocks and watches from artists and craft makers are also presenting in this floor of museum.

Source: Hi Tehran Hostel

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