Yaleh Gonbad Village Famed for Mineral Spring

Yaleh Gonbad Village Famed for Mineral Spring

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Yaleh Gonbad is a village in the mountainous region of Kuhin in Qazvin Province, north of Iran.

Kuhin area, positioned at geographical coordinates of 49 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude, is located 10 km off the main Qazvin-Rasht route.

Yaleh Gonbad warm spring has natural mineral water rich in calcium bicarbonate. It is very hot. It is useful to take a dip in the spring water because of its carbon dioxide, the potency of the water and its heat.

The water of the spring is effective in treating neurological diseases, arthritis, and rheumatism. The spring's water is also beneficial for digestive tract, and liver. It can heal gastrointestinal diseases and nutritional disorders.

Yaleh Gonbad Village is well-known for its mineral water, traditional structure, handicrafts and enchanting nature.

Source: Iran-Daily

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