Rainbow Mountains in Northwest of Iran

Rainbow Mountains in Northwest of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Aladaglar Mountains, known as Rainbow Mountains, in the northern part of Iran in East Azarbaijan province are wonderfully amazing mountains which are located about 25 kilometers from Tabriz.

The mountains with different colors are masterpieces of nature and Art of nature for painting the mountains is admirable.

Aladaglar Mountains date back to 15 million years ago. There are a variety of colors in this attractive place containing Red, Copper, Brown, Yellow, White, Green and blue in beauty different spectrum and especially Red, Copper, and Yellow in hot weather. As the setting sun casts golden rays and a lacework of shadows across the landscape, the visual effect becomes even more stunning.

Every year a lot of tourists, especially eco-tourists, that want to trip to Iran, nominate this place for taking fantastic photos because these Mountains provide a unique opportunity for professional photography.

Even though observe from afar is so enjoyable. Everywhere of the Aladaglar Mountains has a unique form and color and type of stones are different.

Source: Iran Trip Tailor.com

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