Aghazadeh Mansion: One of The Best Attractions in Iran's Abarkouh

Aghazadeh Mansion: One of The Best Attractions in Iran's Abarkouh

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Aghazade mansion, the most beautiful historical house of Abarkooh, belongs to Seyed Hasan Abarquei who was one of the rich people in Qajar era.

This house is located in the old context of the city and is very considerable due to its architecture and using the elements of Iranian traditional architecture. This building has been constructed by the materials such as adobe, clay and brick in the form of a central yard and three sides for using in different seasons of the year.

The south room of Aghazadeh house is like a cross. Stony pool in the center of yard creates certain freshness for the space of house specially the hall.

The most beautiful and the prominent parts of Aghazadeh mansion is the two floors of windward and Kolah Farangi which are unique in their kind.

The height of windward is about 18 meters and its area is about 18 meters in which there are 19 air conditioning vents at its entrance in a complete relation and coordination with the second windward.  Kolah Farangi with beautiful stalactite decoration is beside it.

Windward and Kolah Farangi are respectively responsible for cooling and brightening the below space and the hall.

The image of Abarkooh windward has been printed on the 20,000 Rials bill from 1393 and many Iranian export goods are decorated with this picture.


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