Syrian Army Begins Clearing Raqqa Province of Daesh Terrorists: Report

Syrian Army Begins Clearing Raqqa Province of Daesh Terrorists: Report

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Syrian military forces have begun clearing the countryside of Raqqa province of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) remnants where they are separating areas occupied by the army from those controlled by the Qasad Kurdish militias (SDF forces).

Citing field sources, Al-Mayadeen reported on Monday that the Syrian army is preparing to launch a sweeping operation against Daesh sleeper-cells in the countryside of Raqqa province.

The campaign aims to prevent the Daesh’s cells from "launching any new attacks in the area," according to the sources, who also revealed that military reinforcements from the Russian military police, the Syrian army, and the Syrian National Defense troops have arrived at Tabqa Military Airport, which serves as a joint military operations room for the forces of Syrian army and the Russians.

The sources also indicated that the campaign aims to sweep the two desert cities of Rusafa and Sufyan, as well as Jabal Al-Bishri, in conjunction with the launch of preemptive Russian and Syrian raids on the rugged Jabal Al-Bishri area.

The campaign also aims to "fully secure the countryside connecting the governorates of Deir Ez-Zur, Raqqa, and Hama, and eradicate any activity of Daesh cells in the area," according to the reports.

Terrorist attacks by Daesh cells have escalated in recent months on the axes of Deir Ez-Zur, Palmyra, and Hama countryside, as well as attacking buses and tankers as they move through the area's roads, resulting in casualties among civilians and the Syrian military.

The two desert regions of Homs and Hama, as well as the western regions of the southern province of Deir Ez-Zur and the southeastern side of the Raqqa province in eastern Syria, have access to the great desert of Syria where the Al-Tanf military outpost on the (Syrian-Jordanian) borders in located, which is home to an illegal US army base as well as remnants of Daesh terrorists.

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