Top General Warns of Iran’s Action against US-Israeli Collaboration in Region

Top General Warns of Iran’s Action against US-Israeli Collaboration in Region

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s highest-ranking commander gave a stark warning to the US, the Zionist regime and their regional allies, saying the Islamic Republic will enhance its military and intelligence activities and hold various war games to display its preparedness.

In a post on his account in an Iranian social media on Tuesday, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said, “In recent months, the terrorist US army has tried to make up for its absence, which has occurred after withdrawing its aircraft and helicopter carriers and destroyers from the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and had frightened its cohorts, by connecting the region usurped by the Zionist regime and its child-murdering army to the CENTCOM.”

From the viewpoint of Iran, such a development means that the espionage and operational capacities of the US and its allies will be at the disposal of the Zionist regime as well, which would in turn add to the threats against Iran, the top commander warned.

“Apart from the written announcements and warnings and conveying messages via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the countries hosting the US army, we have declared and continue to declare our preparedness and warnings by extending presence, expanding aerial and naval patrols, deepening the intelligence dominance, and holding various naval, missile and drone war games,” Major General Baqeri stated.

The constant and friendly advice that Iran gives the neighboring states is that establishment of regional security requires fraternity and cooperation among the regional countries themselves without reliance on outsiders, he concluded.

His comments came a few days after the Iranian Navy’s Jamaran destroyer seized two American maritime drones and then released them in a safe area in the Red Sea as means of preventing naval accidents.

The destroyer encountered the “data collecting” vessels during a routine operation aimed at securing shipping routes and confronting piracy and maritime terrorism, the Navy said in a statement on Thursday.

The Iranian warship then called on the American authorities in charge of the sail drones to change the vessels’ direction “in order to prevent accidents and naval collisions,” read the statement.

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