Iran Rules Out Interaction with UNHRC’s ‘Fact-Finding Mission’

Iran Rules Out Interaction with UNHRC’s ‘Fact-Finding Mission’

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Tehran won’t by any means cooperate with a so-called fact-finding mission decided to be created by the politically-motivated resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council to probe the recent developments in Iran, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Nasser Kanaani lashed out at Western governments for putting forward the resolution against Iran at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The UNHRC voted on Thursday to condemn what it called a “crackdown on peaceful protests” in Iran and create an independent fact-finding mission to investigate alleged abuses.

The resolution initiated by Germany and Iceland was backed by 25 countries, including the US and many European nations.

Deploring the resolution, Kanaani reminded the UN body that “hasty employment of human rights mechanisms and instrumental use of them against independent states are rejected and condemned and will not provide any help for the advancement of human rights.

“Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran is fulfilling its national responsibilities in this regard,” he added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not engage in any cooperation, whatsoever, with the political committee called the ‘fact-finding committee’,” the spokesman underlined.

In a statement on Friday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the UN Human Rights Council resolution, saying that these anti-Iranian actions are motivated by "multifaceted political purposes."

“It is a source of regret that the UNHRC is being misused by few countries to pursue their short-term interests,” read the statement.