Report: Private US Firm Feeding Illegal Spy Tech to British Intelligence to Target Russian Troops

Report: Private US Firm Feeding Illegal Spy Tech to British Intelligence to Target Russian Troops

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A private American spy firm is using illegal technology to track over a billion people across the globe and using a British intelligence cutout extensively linked to NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to funnel the data to the UK military, new documents showed.

According to independent American investigative outlet The Grayzone, leaked files indicate that surveillance technology used by the company in question, Anomaly 6, has “enabled the planning of military offensives and artillery attacks, assassinations, asset recruitment, and other measures” via “aggressive harvesting of data", Sputnik reported.

Anomaly 6 carries out its illicit surveillance by scraping the data of smartphone users across the globe and matching it to their online profiles. The spy firm, which was reportedly founded by a pair of intelligence-linked US military veterans and is headquartered just a 20-minute drive from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, claims it can track around 3 billion devices in real time.

Because their “spying services are absolutely illegal under many national and international data protection regimes”, Anomaly 6’s findings are laundered through Prevail Partners, a “private military company which The Grayzone has exposed as Whitehall’s arm’s-length cutout for prosecuting its proxy war in Ukraine”, journalist Kit Klarenberg explained.

Prevail Partners has previously been implicated in the assembly of a secret terror army and the infamous terror attack on the Kerch bridge in Crimea.

Observers have long suspected London has been heavily involved in Ukraine’s anti-Russian attacks. In October, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the British Royal Navy directly participated in the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines when it “took part in planning, supporting and implementing” the plot.

Exactly what information they were passing along remains unclear, but the new revelations paint an alarming picture.

Leaked files reportedly reviewed by The Grayzone include case studies showing how the company’s technology was used “to gain a real time/near real time understanding of the disposition” of Russian “troops, equipment, and lethal materials”, both before and after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war in February.

According to one leaked document, Anomaly 6 was contracted by Prevail Partners to provide for six months “a data feed of country specific data containing harvested first party commercial telemetry data and delivered to client directed cloud-based infrastructure” to the UK’s Defence Intelligence Agency at a price tag of $708,750.

“We will continue to provide access to location-based commercial telemetry data (CTDF) for the countries of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine without a break in delivery, in line with your requirements,” an email from Prevail to the UK spy agency revealed.

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