Eram Garden, The Most Beautiful Persian Garden

Eram Garden, The Most Beautiful Persian Garden

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Eram Garden located in Shiraz is among the most beautiful Persian gardens in Iran. It is such a unique and gorgeous garden that is inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the holy book of the Quran, Eram is described as the paradise prepared for the blessed ones. It has a great atmosphere surrounded by tall cypress trees, fragrant flowers, and aromatic sour orange trees.

Moreover, the sound of birds singing in the green space of the garden brings peace and quiet to the tourists, and it is quite pleasurable to have a stroll across the garden. In spring, Eram Garden catches eyes with its colorful blooms and blossoms, and it is a great tourist destination that attracts those who travel to Iran.

The history of Eram Garden, structured as a Persian garden, dates back to the Seljuk dynasty (approximately 400 years ago), while the old building within the garden belongs to the Qajar period. In later years, the landscape was purchased by a member of a Qashqai tribe, who built the original mansion and planted different flower and tree species.

Nasir-ol-Molk purchased the garden during the Qajar period, and his son finished it after his death. Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization protects the Eram Garden and the building as a historical landscape within Shiraz botanical garden.

The garden area has undergone many changes over the years. The steep slope of the land presented a challenge for building this garden, which was overcome by using stairs. The ceramic tiles on the palace in the middle of the garden are unique.

A closer look at the arch of this building will reveal short animated stories painted on the tiles. The building has elaborate architecture decorated with tiles that are designed by poems by great poets such as Hafez and Saadi. Inside this building is a precious stone museum that can be very interesting.

It has also a view of the blue pool that enhances the picturesque scene of the garden and makes the environment cool during hot days of summer. Owing to its variety of plants, Eram garden is popular as the botanical garden supported and managed by Shiraz University and it is open to the public to enjoy its many beauties.


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