Exploring Artistry of SedKhareji: A Journey Through Music and Video Editing

Exploring Artistry of SedKhareji: A Journey Through Music and Video Editing

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Seyed Amir Hossein Mohammad Getmiri has made a name for himself in the realms of music and video production, amassing a dedicated following and widespread acclaim.

In 2019, he initiated the display of his work through his Instagram page, "SedKhareji." Within a matter of months, it amassed a substantial following, with dedicated fans who actively aided in the dissemination of his work on various social media platforms.

Getmiri, an active and imaginative musician and video editor, has garnered a significant number of responses on Instagram for his videos. His passion for video production and editing was kindled from a young age, and over the years, he has elevated his skills to attain professional expertise in this domain. Join us in this interview as we delve into the world of SedKhareji, a true pioneer in the contemporary landscape of art and entertainment.

How you embarked on your journey in music and video editing?

SedKhareji: Well, I have always been interested in creating content and telling stories through visuals. After completing my education in the field of filmmaking, I began working on various projects that helped me enhance my skills. Music has always been an integral part of my life, as I grew up with the sound of a piano resonating in our house. During my teenage years, I made the decision to pursue music as a career. During that time, I collaborated with several singers, and these works caught the attention of some producers, leading to further collaborations with them. Currently, I am still working at SovarMedia studio.

Let's talk about your recent album named 'The Blue Pal Mall,' which caught the attention of many people. What was inspiring to you in producing this album?

SedKhareji: 'The Blue Pal Mall' is a deeply personal work for me. It revolves around a significant event in my life that didn't conclude in the expected manner. I believe it resonates with many individuals who can empathize with the emotions conveyed.

Could you share details about the projects you have been involved in?

SedKhareji: Over the past few years, I have worked on various films and programs, encompassing comedies, melodramas, dramas, and documentaries. Some noteworthy projects include 'Cheshm o Goosh Baste [Unsophisticated],' 'Takhti,' 'Haft [Seven],' and 'IRIB Namayesh TV.' Each project presented unique challenges and opportunities, contributing to my growth as an editor.

How do you come up with the main ideas for your videos?

SedKhareji: Sometimes I get ideas from regular conversations with my family or friends, and other times while watching TV or surfing the internet. I make an effort to stay updated on the things people think and talk about. I approach these issues from a unique perspective, which guides me towards creating something new.

Some of your ideas are truly brilliant, especially the works that involve gathering people's voices. How did you come up with the idea, and how do you execute it so perfectly?

SedKhareji: Actually, those are my favorites, just like all the other works (ha ha)! I refer to them as 'Interactive works.' There's something special about directly collaborating with the audience. It's a direct immersion into a plethora of emotions, memories, opinions, and a wide range of creativity. My colleagues and I were seeking an idea that could bring us a fresh form and content, both for ourselves and the audience. Eventually, we came up with the idea. In cases where memories are collective or evoke similar feelings among my people, I request their participation by sharing a series of stories on Instagram. Then comes the challenging part of selecting the best ones since most of them are absolutely amazing.

Could you please tell us about the projects “Anche Gozasht” that you posted for the years 1400 (2021) and 1401 (2022)?

SedKhareji: These are the projects I'm extremely proud of. The main idea initially came to me when I saw a video on 'Ceeroo.' I worked on it extensively to develop it further and then posted the Iranian version on my Instagram page, SedKhareji, titled “Anche dar sal e 1400 hejri shamsi dar Iran gozasht” (What happened in the year 1400 according to the Iranian calendar). In this video, I highlighted over 120 events that occurred that year. To me, it was an emotional and personal project, and it was immensely satisfying to see the final version take shape coherently. The video reached millions of people in Iran, and I received various feedback regarding it. These responses encouraged me to continue the tradition for the following year, and I recently produced a video titled “Anche dar sal e 1401 hejri shamsi dar Iran gozasht” (What happened in the year 1401 according to the Iranian calendar).

It seems that producing such videos is a challenging and time-consuming task. Could you describe the process of creating these videos?

SedKhareji: Yes, that's absolutely true. The process begins at the start of the year when I gather information about events and incidents that took place in Iran. One of the main challenges I face in this process is the lack of high-quality videos depicting those events, which makes the task slow and exhausting. I spend three months collecting suitable and standardized videos. Then it takes me an additional month to edit the video, add visual effects and sound, adjust the colors, and fine-tune the transitions.

Very impressive. It's clear that you are a professional in this field. What advice do you have for those who aspire to become video editors?

SedKhareji: I advise them to explore different methods and techniques and not limit themselves to just one approach. It's also crucial to stay updated on the latest technologies in the industry and continuously enhance their skills. They should not be afraid to experiment with new ideas. Sometimes, the most innovative concepts stem from the simplest thoughts.

Do you face any challenges in your field of work as a video editor?

SedKhareji: Of course, I always have a plenty of challenges on my way. One of the biggest challenges appears when I want to make a video by the people’s contribution. Since people sometimes have different understandings from one subject, it is hard to manage their expectations while saving the required quality of the final product. The other challenge which I normally face is to keep the balance between being creative and at the same time authentic. It is important to be creative and innovative also make sure of covering your idea and goal. 

In the end, please let us know about your vision of the future and your long-term goals.

SedKhareji: My long-term goal is to continue producing attractive and impressive videos that make sense to my audience and reveal the people’s word and desire. I want to work on greater and more challenging projects which may have positive effects on the society and trigger others to make meaningful content. In the end, I hope my job may make a positive result to the world.

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