Gaza Hospitals Overwhelmed by Influx of Bodies As Israeli Carnage Continues

Gaza Hospitals Overwhelmed by Influx of Bodies As Israeli Carnage Continues

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Hospitals in Gaza have been inundated with floods of dead bodies as Israeli airstrikes persist, continuing for a fourth consecutive day following the collapse of a truce.

The ongoing bombardment has left medical facilities overwhelmed and incapacitated.

Munir al-Bursh, Gaza’s Health Ministry director-general, expressed the dire situation, stating, “We are flooded with an influx of dead bodies. All our hospitals can no longer offer any kind of help to victims. All our medical equipment was destroyed by the Israeli occupation soldiers.”

He further highlighted the imminent power outage at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, indicating a critical shortage of essential resources. The targeting of ambulances and medics, including an incident where a healthcare worker was shot while transporting a victim to al-Awda Hospital, has compounded the challenges.

Out of 40,000 injured individuals, only 400 managed to reach the Rafah crossing in the south, according to the director. Al-Bursh condemned the Israeli actions, emphasizing, “This is a belligerent murderous enemy; with one target only: killing civilians in cold blood.”

Amidst the airstrikes, more than half of Gaza’s homes have been destroyed or damaged since October 7, intensifying the humanitarian crisis in the besieged territory. Israel’s assaults have also led to the closure of most hospitals in Gaza and inflicted severe damage on civilian infrastructure across the enclave.

The escalation of Israeli military movements towards Khan Younis from the east has further compounded the crisis. Tanks and armored vehicles advancing along the eastern side of Salah al-Din highway have split Khan Younis, prompting the Israeli military to issue evacuation orders to residents in a coercive manner.

Residents in the area, witnessing heavy bombardment, reported the devastation caused by relentless airstrikes and artillery shelling over the past two days. The situation remains tense as Israeli forces press on, exacerbating the plight of civilians caught up in Israel's massive air strikes and heavy artillery shelling that has been going on for the past days.

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