Gaza Health Ministry Warns of ‘Massacre’ as Israeli Forces Surround Kamal Adwan Hospital

Gaza Health Ministry Warns of ‘Massacre’ as Israeli Forces Surround Kamal Adwan Hospital

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Gaza's health ministry issued a dire warning of an impending "massacre" at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, expressing concern as Israeli tanks and snipers encircle the facility, indiscriminately “shooting at anyone” on the premises.

According to Health Ministry Director General Munir Al-Bursh, around 7,000 Palestinians are seeking refuge within the hospital's confines. Al-Bursh emphasized that Israeli army attacks in the hospital's vicinity have already resulted in the deaths of 108 civilians and left numerous others wounded.

Expressing deep concern, Al-Bursh drew parallels with previous devastating incidents at al-Shifa Hospital and the Indonesian Hospital, fearing a similar fate for Kamal Adwan Hospital.

Kamal Adwan Hospital stands as one of six remaining operational hospitals in the Gaza Strip, facing immense challenges in treating a high volume of daily casualties amidst scarce resources and frequent power disruptions.

Mohammed Cherkaoui, a conflict resolution and peacebuilding professor at George Mason University, suggested that the Israeli regime's current atrocities reflect a lack of interest in pursuing negotiations to cease the conflict in Gaza.

Describing the situation as a "demographic war," Cherkaoui highlights the coercive ultimatum imposed by Israel upon Palestinians in Gaza: "Leave or die," leaving them with no viable alternative.

Cherkaoui expressed disillusionment with Israeli leadership, particularly prime minister Netanyahu's stance, asserting a disregard for diplomatic resolutions and an apparent focus on escalating the Palestinian death toll.

He insisted that influential Western powers like the US, France, and the UK hold the key to curbing Netanyahu's aggressive actions in Gaza, urging these nations to intervene and cease the humanitarian devastation and loss of lives.

At least 16,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli military in Gaza since October 7.

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