Daesh Claims Kerman Terror Attack, Clues Point to Israel

Daesh Claims Kerman Terror Attack, Clues Point to Israel

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – While Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group claimed responsibility for the twin blasts that killed at least 89 people in Iran’s southern city of Kerman on Wednesday, there are indications that the Zionist regime has been behind the heinous attack.

In a statement posted on its affiliate Telegram channels, the Daesh terrorist group said two members had detonated their explosive belts in the crowd which had gathered in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of martyrdom of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani in Kerman on January 3.

Earlier, an unnamed source told the official news agency IRNA that the first explosion at the cemetery in Kerman "was the result of a suicide bomber's action".

"The suicide bomber in the first incident was a man who was completely dismembered as a result of the explosion and the identification of the suicide bomber is under investigation," it said.

"The cause of the second blast was most likely the same," the source told IRNA.

There are indications that the Israeli regime has masterminded the terrorist attack, considering the comments from a number of Zionist officials right after the explosions.

The statement released by Daesh on Thursday was different in several ways from the other statements of the Takfiri terrorist group.

Daesh has unprecedentedly used the term “Iran” in its most recent statement, while it had always used “Bilad Fars” (country of Persia) or “Wilayah Khorasan” (Khorasan province) before.

Moreover, the Takfiri group had never released the images of the perpetrators of its terrorist attacks with blurring faces before, specifically the suicide bombers slain in the blasts.

Thirdly, it is the first time that Daesh has claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack with a delay of 30 hours. The Takfiri group usually records the video of the suicide bombers swearing an oath of allegiance to Daesh and prepares a responsibility claim statement prior to every terrorist attack and releases it right after the operation.

Typically, Daesh begins with threats before issuing a fatwa, then carries out the terrorist attack and finally releases the responsibility claim statement immediately afterwards.

But in the most recent case in Kerman, the terrorist attack was carried out before a deviant fatwa and threats and a belated statement.

The fourth matter that raises doubts about the Israeli regime’s role is that the language and wording of the recent statement were different from the usual style of Daesh, revealing that the terrorist group has not drafted the statement by itself.

Many contend that the belated statement has been conclusively drafted by the Zionist regime’s spy service, while Daesh has only undertaken to release it via its channels.

On Thursday, Iran’s top security body tasked the country’s intelligence, security and law enforcement organizations to promptly identify and punish those behind the deadly bombing.

The Supreme National Security Council held an ad hoc session on Thursday to hear and review the reports of the organizations, deciding that “the intelligence agencies should quickly track down the clues obtained from the terrorist operation and identify and introduce its mercenary perpetrators”.

“The role of the corrupt minds who always supported the terrorists in targeting innocent women, men and children in different parts of the world, should be accurately identified and reported in this incident,” it said.

“The relevant institutions should take action to predict and prevent and deal decisively with the perpetrators and justly punish the perpetrators or supporters of this crime,” it added.

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