Iran’s Urmia Gears Up for 3rd Int’l Congress on Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Iran’s Urmia Gears Up for 3rd Int’l Congress on Assisted Reproductive Techniques

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The picturesque city of Urmia, northwest Iran, is set to host the 3rd International Congress of West Asian and North African Countries (WANA), a collaborative effort between Royan Institute and the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

Scheduled for May 16-17, 2024, this scientific congress will cast a spotlight on the consequences of assisted reproductive techniques (ART Outcome).

A branch of the International Congress of Royan, the scientific congress aims to address the latest global scientific achievements in the field. Specifically, it will emphasize the WANA region, promoting joint scientific research and highlighting advancements in assisted reproductive technologies.

The congress is overseen by Ahmed Vosough as the scientific secretary and has Elham Amirchaghmaghi from Royan Institute and Ghasem Nejad from Urmia University of Medical Sciences serving as its executive secretaries.

Key scientific themes include:

  • Monitoring children resulting from infertility treatments
  • Moral and legal issues
  • Imaging role
  • The influence of environmental factors and lifestyle
  • Improving assisted reproductive outcomes: challenges, management, and options
  • Fertility preservation in cancer patients
  • The role of surgery in improving the outcomes of assisted reproductive techniques

Royan Institute sees the congress as an opportunity for synergy among scientific and commercial stakeholders in infertility treatment. The event also welcomes domestic and foreign knowledge-based companies engaged in consumer item production.

The goals of the scientific association include transferring scientific experiences, establishing effective connections with global scientific centers, researchers, and scientists in the WANA region, identifying cooperation capacities among regional countries, and expanding the communication network.

Additionally, the congress aims to develop networking between knowledge-based companies in the WANA region, facilitate increased communication and interactions, and promote the trade of scientific products.

It also seeks to provide a comprehensive chain of knowledge-based services, encompassing training, expert consulting, supervision, and implementation of large-scale biotechnology projects in applicant countries by knowledge-based companies.

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