Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Manufactures Sophisticated Agricultural Drones

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Manufactures Sophisticated Agricultural Drones

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian knowledge-based company based in the Science and Technology Park of Sharif University of Technology managed to mass produce ‘agricultural sprayer drones’.

Spraying agricultural land areas with sophisticated drones has several advantages including an increase in productivity, a decrease in consumption of pesticides and water and accurate spraying of agricultural lands,  the commercial manager of the Sharif Agrobot Knowledge-Based Company said.

Abdollah Roosta added that the company manufactures spray drones in 10, 20 and 30-liter types.

He went on to say that the agricultural drones manufactured by this company carry out spraying operations accurately, which contributes to the quality of agricultural products.

Providing the possibility to spray hard-to-pass agricultural land areas is another advantage of the drone, Roosta continued.

The drones manufactured by the knowledge-based company have been equipped with a smart warning system and once the pesticide of the tank is empty, this system automatically alerts the operator to refill the tank.

The use of sprayer drones is a modern and efficient method for spraying agricultural lands, he said, adding that these drones help farmers, in addition to increasing productivity, to significantly save the consumption of water and pesticides.

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