Iran Seeks Enhanced Cooperation with Iraq to Address Regional Instability

Iran Seeks Enhanced Cooperation with Iraq to Address Regional Instability

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri, during a joint press conference with Iraq's Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on Thursday, emphasized the importance of strengthening strategic ties with the Arab country.

Baqeri expressed gratitude for the hospitality of Iraqi officials and acknowledged the presence of high-ranking Iraqi officials offering condolences over the recent loss of two senior Iranian figures, President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in a helicopter crash. 

"The Prime Minister, the President, and respected officials from Iraq's Parliament, cultural institutions, and the public participated enthusiastically in the ceremony to honor these martyrs. We are grateful for this presence from the government and people of Iraq," Baqeri added.

Discussing Iran-Iraq relations, Baqeri stated, "We are two nations with a shared heritage, a common civilization, and culture, as well as a shared destiny. Our cooperation and solidarity are eternal, and the bond between our two nations benefits the security, stability, and progress of both countries."

He went on to say that Iran's strategic perspective is to strengthen all-encompassing ties with Iraq, and that all Iranian officials are committed to this goal.

Baqeri elaborated on his meeting with Fuad Hussein, stating that the discussion on Thursday covered a wide range of bilateral, regional, and international issues, with a focus on capitalizing on future opportunities through strategic cooperation between Iran and Iraq, rather than simply sharing common ground.

He emphasized that "Iran and Iraq are two pillars of regional stability and have a responsibility to reinforce peace and stability in the region."

Addressing the issue of Israeli crimes, Baqeri stated that the views of the two countries are aligned, and both Iran and Iraq “emphasize the unconditional halt of the Zionists' genocide and believe that Islamic countries should pool their capacities.”

“We believe unconditional assistance should be provided to the people of Gaza. Iran and Iraq are united and are striving to make good use of their capacities to stand by the oppressed people of Palestine," he added.

Baqeri warned that the Zionists might expand their aggression.

He said that in the Operation True Promise, which was carried out in response to Israel's "foolish" attack against Iran's consular building in Damascus, the Islamic Republic demonstrated that it uses all its capacities for peace in the region and will not allow anyone to disrupt regional security.

“We emphasize that all regional countries are in interaction and solidarity to build a secure region together. The Zionists are the main source of instability in the region," Baqeri stated.

On US behavior, Baqeri said, "We believe that if the Americans are serious about political initiatives and stopping the war,… They should stop supporting the occupying Zionists. Americans cannot provide the most advanced weapons to the Zionists on the one hand and, on the other hand, present themselves as peacemakers with political initiatives."

"Iran and Iraq insist that the Zionist war crimes in Gaza must end as soon as possible, and unconditional aid should flow," he concluded.

Fuad Hussein, for his part, emphasized the importance of strengthening security relations with Iran, expressing optimism about advancing bilateral ties across strategic levels.

He underscored the need for increased security cooperation between the two countries and highlighted discussions regarding developments in Gaza.

Hussein also noted that the regional situation is concerning, with ongoing meetings and consultations on the matter.

Upon his arrival for his inaugural official visit to Iraq on Thursday, Baqeri honored fallen commanders Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis near Baghdad airport. During his diplomatic mission, Baqeri aims to strengthen bilateral relations across all sectors in discussions with senior Iraqi officials, leveraging the strategic ties between the two nations. Discussions will focus on mutual interests, security challenges, regional stability, and international affairs. Baqeri is also scheduled to meet with officials in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah during his visit to Iraq.

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