AMD Introduce Dual-Vega Radeon Pro V340 for High-Density Computing

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - AMD announced a new high-end graphics solution destined for high-density data center applications.

AMD Introduce Dual-Vega Radeon Pro V340 for High-Density Computing

The Radeon Pro V340 is based on AMD's current-generation Vega architecture and actually features dual GPUs on a dual-slot card with 32GB of ECC HBM2. However, don’t get too excited gamers – this is strictly an enterprise-class solution.

AMD says that the Radeon Pro V340 is capable of supporting up to 32 1GB virtual machines (outpacing its nearest Tesla-based counterpart from NVIDIA by 33 percent), and that the powerhouse graphics solutions is capable of compressing independent video streams in either H.264 or H.265. There is also an onboard security processor with secure boot and storage encryption, Hothardware reported.

The Radeon Pro V340 is being aimed at the perfect solution for parallel, virtualized cloud graphics processing enabling multiple users to share a single card's resources. AMD is able to accomplish this using its MxGPU hardware-based VPU virtualization technology – something that the company touts as being industry-exclusive.

“The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card will enable our customers to securely leverage desktop and application virtualization for the most graphically demanding applications,” said Sheldon D’Paiva, who serves as director of Product Marketing for VMware. “With Radeon Pro for VMware, admins can easily set up a VDI environment, rapidly deploy virtual GPUs to existing virtual machines and enable hundreds of professionals with just a few mouse clicks.”

AMD showcased the Radeon Pro V340 at VMworld this weekend in Las Vegas, and says that cards will begin chipping in Q4 2018. No pricing has been announced at this time.

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