Syria Army Recaptures New Areas in Sweida

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Syrian troops and their allied forces stepped up their attacks on terrorist groups in the Badiya desert in the southern province of Sweida, managing to retake several more areas there.

Syria Army Recaptures New Areas in Sweida

Syrian forces reestablished control over new areas in the northern and northwestern part of al-Safa hills in the desert of Badyia in Sweida after inflicting major losses on Daesh militants, SANA reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the army units operating in Abu Ghanem hill to the northeast of al-Safa hills established control over a number of areas in the direction of Um Marzakh to the west.

The army units carried out precise bombardments against positions and fortifications of the remnants of Daesh terrorists in al-Safa hills, killing and injuring scores of them, it added.

According to reports, the Syrian army is sending soldiers to three frontline areas which share borders with the last major militant stronghold of Idlib, namely the central province of Hama, the coastal province of Latakia and the southern part of Idlib itself.



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