Multiple Witnesses Share Extraordinary Videos of Possible UFO Sighting

Multiple Witnesses Share Extraordinary Videos of Possible UFO Sighting

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Multiple residents in the US state of Wisconsin captured what might be the most compelling possible UFO footage ever seen.

Video has surfaced from several residents in rural Wisconsin, showcasing the event from multiple angles and filmed independently, of strange lights dancing across the sky in a way that has thus far defied explanation.



The footage from December 1 shows bright white lights zipping across cloudy skies over the rolling farmland near West Bend and Fredonia, Wisconsin.

Moving at incredible speeds and appearing to come from above the thin cloud layer that night, the phenomena left witnesses believing they had seen a true UFO display.

Unlike most incidents from a single blurry, shaky camera, this case has at least two witnesses who did not know each other and filmed the lights at the same time from different locations, according to their video metadata.

The videos were first discovered by former FBI agent and host of UFO Witness on Discovery+ Ben Hansen. They were later obtained and published by the Daily Mail.

The video shows at least five separate globes of light zooming across the Wisconsin sky at incredible speeds, seeming to stay in a formation and making physics-defying maneuvers.

The videos were taken on the night of December 1. A witness identified as Kimberly says she and her husband were driving when they thought they saw a white owl swoop in front of their car. But when the object returned and swooped in front of their car three more times they realized it was not an owl.

“We've never seen even two in a row,” Kimberly said. “We looked at each other and went, 'okay, this is not an owl, what the heck is going on here?’”

Kimberly and her husband then noticed similar lights in the sky and decided to film what they were seeing.

“It kept moving to the east,” she added. “We watched it for several minutes before it even clicked in my head, I have my phone, I could record this. And then we pulled over to do that.”

Other residents reported seeing similar lights in the sky, some turned purple. 

There were no significant weather systems active in the area at the time the videos were taken, other than a light covering of clouds. A Milwaukee Federal Aviation Administration controller who has access to radar data said no airplanes were in the area at the time.

The lights also do not appear to be the type of spotlights typically used in advertising, which would also be atypical in a rural area.

“The more we're learning about the industry's most advanced searchlights and their limitations, there are several things that just don't add up,” Hansen said. “It's interesting to note that the majority of worldwide UFO sightings are now reported as 'light anomalies' and not traditional shapes such as disks, cylinders, or triangles that normally come to mind.”

Hansen added that the “light anomalies” are similar to the “Foo Fighter” lights reported by World War II pilots.

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