President Warns Israel of Iran’s Harsher Action

President Warns Israel of Iran’s Harsher Action

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned the Zionist regime to avoid any new act of adventurism, otherwise it will receive another blow much harder than the lawful retaliatory strike that Iran launched against the Israeli military targets early Sunday.

The Iranian president released a message on Sunday in the wake of the massive missile and drone operation the IRGC carried out against the Israeli regime in the early hours of Sunday in response to the Zionist regime’s fatal airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1.

The full text of the message is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Great and proud nation of Iran

Last night, your brave and courageous children in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, with the cooperation and coordination of all the defense and political sectors of the country, set a new page in the history of Iran's authority and taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy. The punishment of the aggressor, which was the sincere promise of the powerful and wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, has come true. The proud armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have targeted military targets belonging to the occupying Zionist regime in the occupied territories of Palestine in their combined operations. This defensive measure, which was within the framework of the inherent right of legitimate defense of dear Iran, was planned and implemented in response to the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime against the targets and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the military attack of that regime on April 1, 2024 against the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus –which led to the martyrdom of a number of the famous brave men of our country. Last night's combined operational message was authority and deterrence for the Islamic Ummah and fear and humiliation for the enemies of humanity.

During the last six months and especially the last ten days, the Islamic Republic of Iran used all the regional and international tools and facilities to draw the attention of the international community to the deadly dangers resulting from the inaction of the United Nations Security Council against the continuous violations by the Zionist regime, but unfortunately, the Security Council, under the influence of the United States and some other supporters of the Zionist regime, has been unable to fulfill its duties.

The wise, authoritative action of the Islamic Republic of Iran in defense of the integrity, sovereignty and national interests of the Islamic Republic has been a step towards punishing the aggressor and establishing stability in the region. Now, with tact and intelligence, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the first step, targeted some military bases of the occupying, anti-security and anti-stability regime with its drone and missile operations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the peace and stability of the surrounding region necessary for its national security and has not spared any efforts to restore and maintain peace and stability. Today, it is completely clear to any fair observer that the actions of the Zionist regime as an occupying, terrorist and racist entity –which does not consider itself bound by any legal or moral or humanitarian rules and norms, and during the last 6 months, has advanced the campaign of genocide against Palestinians and further insecurity in the region and the world with the complicit support of the US and some other Western countries– is an immediate and continuing threat to regional peace and security.

The power of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the power of security and serves to defend the interests of the countries and nations of the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to advance the neighborhood policy and promote friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries. The people of the region, of all creeds, religions and ideals, deserve to live in peace and tranquility, and unfortunately, the evils of the occupying, expansionist and supremacist regime have deprived the people of our region of this blessing for several decades.

"Resistance" is the key word for restoring peace and security in the region and denying occupation and terrorism of any kind. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the genocide and violence of the Zionist regime as the origin of the crisis in the region and will not spare any effort to maintain stability and security in the region.

Following the instructions of Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and with the support of the proud nation and the powerful armed forces of Islamic Iran, I emphasize that any new adventure against the interests of the Iranian nation will be responded with a heavier and regrettable response from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The brave men of the armed forces monitor every movement by monitoring the developments in the region, and if the Zionist regime or its supporters show perverse behavior, they will receive a decisive and far more violent response.

We advise the supporters of the occupying regime to appreciate this responsible and proportionate action of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to stop blindly supporting the Zionist aggressor regime, which has been one of the main causes of that regime's boldness, intensification of law-breaking and mockery of international laws and standards.

We salute the proud and self-sacrificing soldiers and guards of dear Iran and the great martyrs who gave their lives to defend the honor and dignity of our country and emphasize that the powerful defense of Iran against foreign evils is the product of solidarity and companionship of each and every member of the great and dear Iranian nation and its courageous Guard Corps and heroic Army.

We pray to the Almighty for the greatness of the Iranian nation and assure that we will not spare any efforts to protect the authority, security, and prosperity of Iran.

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